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eastern riders was established in 2002 and is based in Norfolk. Originally, membership was restricted to those holding the I.A.M, Police Safe Rider or RoSPA advanced riding qualifications.

We don't have this restriction any more, although the riding principles taught on these courses are at the heart of the riding ethos at eastern riders, but without the politics and lack of progression sometimes encountered in more formal groups!

There are a several members who have advanced riding experience and new members are welcome, whatever they ride, providing they too want to ride in a progressive, safe manner and who will adhere to basic riding rules. Whilst these aren’t written in stone, here are a few examples:-

1. Respect for speed limits in built up and rural areas
2. Group riding etiquette - “staggered” grouping
3. Basic adherence to the “system” as promoted by the police riders 

The principles of advanced riding, in terms of safety, are contained in the book Motorcycle Roadcraft, the police rider’s handbook to better motorcycling.

So, if you want to be amongst responsible but rapid riders and want to contribute to a good social aspect too, then you’re welcome at eastern riders !