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Sunday Rides

Sunday morning rides will leave from Thickthorn Services at 09.30 am on Sundays, unless otherwise stated (all day rides will start earlier)

Go on, come out and play! It's better than cutting the grass!

Some basic "ground rules"

Progress during group rides is purely up to the individual rider. Groups will normally be of 3-5 people, ideally of a similar riding pace and skill. If some members of that group wish to ride at a faster pace than others then, providing that they stop to re-group at each road change, we can ensure that no-one feels under pressure to ride faster than their abilities permit.

If we turn off the road we are on, say at junctions, we will (or the last rider will at least) wait until they are sure the rider behind them has seen the turn off.

If any member of that group does not catch up with the group in a few minutes, at least one member will ride back to find that person. 

Please inform the rest of the group if you are exiting the route at a certain place (e.g. to go home) so as not to cause the rest of the group any undue concern. Over taking of other riders, either within the group or other groups, is acceptable where necessary, provided it is carried out with courtesy and safety in mind.